Welcome to VST

Vibration and Shock Technologies, LLC has filled the void left by the late M/RAD Corporation.

Founded by former M/RAD Corporation employees, VST Designs and Builds Vibration and Mechanical Shock Test Equipment including:

Mechanical Shock, Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) Pyrotechnic and Live Fire Replication
MIL STD 202 810 750 883

Pneumatic Shock Machines, Free Fall Shock Machines, Bump Shock Machines, Shock Amplifiers and Peripherals

High Force Reaction Moment Mechanical Shakers

Vertical, Vertical & Horizontal, Elliptical

Electrodynamic Shaker Peripherals

Head Expanders, Head Plates, Cube L & T Fixtures, Sliptables Oil Film & Hydrostatic Bearing, Reaction Masses and Seismic Bases

Custom Vibration & Shock Fixtures Magnesium and Aluminum

Welded, Machined Solids, Bolted Modular Fixture Systems, Quick Change 6 Axis Shock Cube System

Package Testing Equipment ISTA

Transportation Simulators True Vertical, Circular, Synchronous and Non-Synchronous
Drop Testers Manual and Touchscreen Control

Automotive and Mil. Spec Testing Fixtures & Machines

Copper Ground Planes, ESD Test Fixtures, EMI Test Fixtures, Water Spray Testers
Door Fill Testers, Impact Testers

Aircraft Components

NSN 2995-01-018-2184 A15PS701-1 D10877-1 Sub Components: D12343-1 Body-Upper D12344-1 Body Lower D12345-1-2-3 U-Spring B12346-1 Snubber B12347-1 Pad-Friction B12348-1 Pad-take Up B12349-1 Pad-Pressure B12350-1 Strip-Backup

Vibration Isolators

Resilient Mount PN 2896609

Instrumentation and Software

PC USB Based Data Acquisition

Vibration Tool- Vibration Monitoring and Shaker Control
Shock Tool- Shock Response Analyzer/Logger Shock Machine Control
Touchscreen HMI for Transportation Simulators and Drop Testers

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