About VST

Vibration and Shock Technologies, LLC has filled the void left by the late MRAD Corp. or M/RAD Corp.

Founded by Philip Marshall in 1972, Marshall Research and Development or M/RAD Corporation was the world's largest manufacturer of Mechanical Vibration Shakers, Shock Machines (Free Fall and Pneumatic) , and Electrodynamic Shaker Peripheral Equipment such as Head Expanders, Slip Tables (Oil Film and Hydrostatic Bearing), Reaction Masses and Custom Magnesium Fixtures. M/RAD also designed and fabricated vibration isolators and isolation systems to reduce the levels of hostile dynamic environments.
M/RAD Corporation previously employed 16 people with complete in-house capabilities including engineering, design, machine shop, welding, paint, inspection, assembly and test. M/RAD's three CNC machining centers and one CNC water jet cutting machine made up the bulk of the manufacturing equipment and all aspects of design, fabrication and assembly were performed at the former M/RAD facility.
On March 25 2011 M/RAD ceased operations and released all employees.
On April 25 2011 M/RAD filed with the state of Massachusetts for dissolution.
April 2011 articles to form Vibration and Shock Technologies LLC were filed with the state of Massachusetts by former M/RAD Corp. vice president, Darryl A Huttunen
May 2011 VST purchased all assets of the former M/RAD Corp. and moved to a new facility located at 36 6th Road Woburn MA 01801.
Outlined in an agreement with the former principles of M/RAD Corp., VST has acquired the product line and services formerly offered by M/RAD At this time VST has a total of 7 employees, 4 are former M/RAD employees. VST has the accumulative intellectual, historical property and experience of the former M/RAD corp.

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