About VST

Vibration and Shock VST was the successor of the late M/RAD Corporation which was founded in 1972. VST formed in 2011 and moved to new facilities in Worburn, MA; it was the world?s largest manufacturer of Mechanical Vibration Shakers, Shock Machines (Free Fall and Pneumatic) , and Electro-dynamic Shaker Peripheral Equipment such as Head Expanders, Slip Tables (Oil Film and Hydro-static Bearing), Reaction Masses and Custom Magnesium Fixtures. All systems comply with international standards including MIL-STD, ISTA, TAPPI, ASTM, IEC, ISO, BS, RTCA and more. Mid-2019 VST and Emerson Apparatus joined to become a stronger force in the packaging test equipment industry. Emerson Aparatus is located in Gorham, ME and has moved manufacturing to Maine.

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